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I am qualified as an Integrative Transpersonal Counsellor with a Diploma from Re-Vision, a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited training, and I am a registered member of the BACP and follow their ethical framework.

I work with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and welcome you in your individuality. You are welcome in your individual ethnicity and heritage, social class, gender identification and sexuality, with any disability, religious or non-religious beliefs and other identifications.

I work with a range of adults and young people. My work in private practice, at ELOP (East London Out Project) and LCCS (Re-Vision’s Low Cost Counselling Service), has given me experience working with a range of life challenges:

  • addictions, obsessions and compulsions

  • eating distress and body concerns

  • loss, depression and sadness

  • anxiety and panic

  • stress, burnout and breakdown

  • abuse, violation and trauma

  • self-harm and suicidal thoughts

  • intersections of culture, race, disability, gender, sexuality, and relationship diversity

  • spiritual crisis, dying and death

  • inter-generational and ancestral trauma

My integrative orientation means I draw on a range of approaches as a way of working with what you might bring. As part of that I take a humanistic approach, paying attention to the nature of our here and now patterns of relating. I draw on cognitive approaches to think clearly and practically about what you bring. Also, working psycho-dynamically, I invite a consideration of how the past might still impact you in the present. A Jungian approach makes a place for the self-regulating and self-healing potential of your own unconscious - which can be accessed by paying attention to your inner world in dreams, images and fantasies.

In addition, my approach is Transpersonal and holds a soulful perspective. A transpersonal approach is an invitation to look deeper. Beyond seeing your situation as defined by “problems” or “symptoms”, that you feel you need to overcome, we might ask: what deeper meaning might be expressed in the challenges you face?

Whatever soul might, or might not, mean to you, in counselling we may discover what eats away at your sense of soul and with that, find the ways it might flourish again.


“Invite the soul in with your story.”

- Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes