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Initial Session

One or two initial sessions can be agreed, to allow you to feel into the experience and possibility of counselling sessions.

Initial sessions are £45 for 50 minutes.  In that time, we can explore what has brought you and discuss if counselling might be right for you at the moment.  You can ask any questions and explore any hopes or fears for counselling. There is no obligation to continue.

It can be daunting to come to a counselling session but if you do, know that you will be received in an empathetic and non-judgmental space.

Ongoing Fees

If you do choose to continue, we can agree a weekly time to meet for 50 minutes.

The fee is £60.  However, I offer a limited number of reduced fee spaces, based on individual circumstances.  

A weekly session becomes a time and space dedicated to you. For that reason, all missed sessions are charged. Sessions can be rearranged with one week, or minimum 48 hours notice, depending on availability.