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Why counselling?

Counselling might be helpful in response to a range of issues you might be going through: 

  • addictions, obsessions and compulsions

  • bereavement and loss

  • anger and betrayal

  • eating distress and body concerns

  • loss, sadness and depression

  • anxiety and panic

  • stress, burnout and breakdown

  • abuse, violation and trauma

  • self-harm and suicidal thoughts

  • spiritual crisis, dying and death

  • inter-generational and ancestral trauma

  • intersections of culture, race, disability, gender, sexuality and relationship diversity

Counselling might offer you some benefits:

  • insight into your sense of purpose and direction

  • healing wounds within a safe space

  • relating more fully and authentically to another/others

  • deeper acceptance of parts pf yourself

  • more capacity for empathy towards yourself and others

  • improved sleep and physical symptoms

  • greater capacity to acknowledge and express difficult emotions


What to expect?

The first thing you can expect from counselling is a space to be listened to. 

You can expect empathy, respect and to be received in a non-judgmental space.

You can expect an invitation to share your present situation and in doing so you might share memories and significant experiences from your past. 

You can expect all parts of yourself to be made welcome. 

As a counsellor, you can expect me to be open, honest and work with integrity.